TRAINING DAYS: Defense could fuel Red Lion to crown

Posted: August 12, 2016 in Football

, 505-5402/@P_StroheckerRed Lion High defensive coordinator JD Granger leads

This week, The York Dispatch is following the Red Lion football team through its first four days of practices, film sessions and strength-and-conditioning workouts as part of a series called “Training Days.” Following is the fourth-and-final installment of the series.

RED LION — Thursday after practice, Red Lion head football coach Jesse Shay revealed to his team the motto that will be printed on the back of the team undershirts this year: “Finish.”

The last two years, the Lions have put themselves into position to grab the York-Adams League Division I title as a dark-horse contender. Yet, each of the last two seasons, slip ups at one point or another throughout the year prohibited Red Lion from winning the division. Instead the Lions settled for for second.



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