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Northeastern vs Delone Catholic

The opening weekend of high school basketball can be good for two things — getting fans excited for the upcoming season and making dramatic overreactions after just one or two games.

The former will always be a great thing, while the latter never does any good.

However, you can take some impressions away from those games.



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Spring Grove vs Northeastern boys' basketball

The hardest thing to do in almost any endeavor — sports, music, film, etc. — is successfully pull off an encore.

Typically, when a first act is breathtaking, it’s all anyone can remember. The second act then gets compared — usually unfavorably — to the first.

The Northeastern boys’ basketball team is facing that challenge this season. After having the best season in program history in 2016-17, the question raised is: “How can this team top last year?”


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YCath bsk practice

Blaine Claiborne likes his York Catholic boys’ basketball teams to play fast.

He always has.

It’s the style of play that has transformed the Fighting Irish into the class of York-Adams Division III.

In order to play that style, the team must prepare itself properly.



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District 3 Class 5-A Championship

Nobody likes the person who picks chalk when filling out a bracket during March Madness.

In the end, picking favorites tends to be the better, more successful strategy, but the fun when filling out a bracket comes with finding and picking upsets.

Don’t worry, I’m not fast-forwarding more than three months to discuss the college basketball national tournament. I am, however, setting up a preview of which York-Adams League boys’ basketball teams could reign supreme in each of the three divisions by the regular season’s end.



, 505-5402/@P_StroheckerKennard Dale vs Eastern York boys' basketball

Entering last year, it had been six seasons since the last time the Kennard-Dale boys’ basketball team had a winning season.

That might not seem like a long spell, but over the course of those six seasons, the Rams had racked up just 30 wins, or an average of five per season. During that stretch, the team had back-to-back years when it won one game and then none, finishing at the bottom of York-Adams League Division II.

Kennard-Dale boys’ basketball was nothing more than an afterthought around the league — and a sure win for opponents.


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Spring Grove vs New Oxford Division 3, Class 5-A boys basketball

There’s a simplicity to how James Brooks speaks about the Spring Grove boys’ basketball team as the 2017-18 season approaches.

He doesn’t say too much about what he hopes to get out of this year’s group. He hopes only that, at some point — preferably sooner rather than later — he gets the most out of this unit.

Going into each of the last two seasons, expectations around the Rockets were much higher than they are now. With star Eli Brooks leading the show, and a core of players that had played together for much of their playing careers, Spring Grove finally catapulted into relevancy around the York-Adams League.


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Losing seasons happen to every high school basketball program.

For some teams, they occur more often, and it can sometimes take years to recover.

For others, however, losing isn’t an accepted option, so when a down year does occur, everyone takes notice.

So, it’s safe to say nearly everyone around the York-Adams League, and perhaps even District 3, was aware that the York High boys’ basketball team had one of its worst seasons in recent memory in 2016-17.